Piper - Pasadena, CA

“I’m contacting you today to tell you about the benefits we’ve observed after using your VETCBD product on our Cat Piper. She is a 5 year old Norwegian Forrest Cat and last month we discovered two small lumps on her left side breasts and immediately took her to our vet who in turn did a surgical lumpectomy and biopsy which proved to be positive for breast cancer.

Our doctor told us that she was able to remove the conjoined lumps with thin, clear margins, but did express her concern about the fact that it is a fast growing type of cancer, and could not give us a positive prognosis because it very possibly has spread to other breasts and lymph nodes.

As you can imagine, our family was terribly devastated at the news and asked our vet what we could do further. She is a very honest, up front, if this were my cat here’s what I’d do kind of doctor, and told us to take her home and love her, and not put her through anything further. She listed off a litany of treatments that many doctors try and sell their clients, i.e., radical breast mastectomies and chemotherapy, but that they are so hard on the pet, that any quality of life is nil after such harsh treatment.

I am a breast cancer/double mastectomy survivor myself, and utilized THC/CBD to help me deal with chemo and long lasting side effects and so I asked our vet about natural alternative medicine, and if she could refer us to someone. She told me that the one doctor who specialized in that sort of treatment had retired, and could not recommend anyone, but did encourage us to do research, make an informed decision and give something a try, and that she would continue to monitor Piper.

After much internet research, I came upon your product, VETCBD, and after reading numerous testimonials, decided to give it a try. Well after nearly 3 weeks of administering the VETCBD to Piper, we can clearly see a marked improvement in her demeanor and well being and we are overjoyed!. CBD tincture She is acting like her old self again and seems to be comfortably pain free and is no longer hiding and sleeping all day. Her appetite is normal and best of all she seeks us out, wanting to hang out with us like she used to and even starts playtime with her brother and sister.

We don’t know what the future holds for her, but feel that your product has definitely made a marked improvement on her life so far and we are hopeful that it will continue to help her and who knows, maybe keep the cancer at bay.

We can not thank you enough for the difference your product has made in Piper’s life, and in our families.”

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