medmen launch the first ever cannabis ad

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MedMen Launch The First Ever Cannabis Commercial

If you’re heading to the States any time soon, you may want to add a visit to LA-based MedMen, a brand often described as the Apple of cannabis for their slick store layouts and the educational way they are helping to redefine how people perceive the industry. Earlier this year, they also made history when they became the first-ever consumer brand to launch a cannabis ad.

The ad, titled ‘The New Normal’ and directed by Oscar-winning Spike Jonze takes viewers back to the history of cannabis in America - starting with George Washington's hemp farm, a pertinent reminder if ever there was one that this is a plant that’s been around for centuries. on hemp oil ’s a clever, thought-provoking ad which is why we wanted to share it.

They’re definitely not about ‘pot’

So who are MedMen? Co-founded in 2010 by CEO Adam Bierman and President Andrew Modlin. In emerging American cannabis industry, they saw an opportunity to move cannabis away from the traditional pot for stoners image into an aspirational consumer product, hence the cool branding and retail store experience.

From online beginnings, they opened their first flagship stores in New York and Nevada in 2018 and this year, followed it up by opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida. They now operate 32 dispensaries serving both medical and recreational marijuana customers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, New York, and Florida. In the space of 9 years, they’ve become the leading cannabis retailer in the US selling premium cannabis and CBD brands as well as their own label products.

If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal and you don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing the right products, MedMen make it as easy as possible. You can shop by category, Beginner, Advanced and Intermediate, by the effect you’re looking to achieve for example, calm, creative or focussed and by the potency you’re looking for.

From the aesthetic of their concept stores, Applesque store staff in red t-shirts instead of blue, and tables displaying the products with interactive screens providing detailed explanations, it’s clear that MedMen is targeting a more sophisticated cannabis consumer. They’re also providing a friendly environment for the growing number of women consumers who are already using cannabis for a variety of reasons or are ‘canna-curious.’

For anyone who can’t get to their stores, or doesn’t want to be seen walking into a cannabis store no matter how upmarket, there’s the MedMen delivery service. And to reward customer loyalty they’ve recently launched the ‘Buds’ reward scheme.

It remains to be seen whether MedMen will cross the pond and open stores in the UK but if they do, at least we’ll know what we can expect.

MedMen Store Los Angeles

If you live in the US you can visit MedMenhere

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